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Children and family

What to do

Access to the swimming pool * is secured by barriers. The depth varies from 1.20m to 1.50m with a small range of shallow depth (approximately 30cm). It is obviously the favorite activity of children in the summer.

The beach * on the Hérault is an asset in all seasons with its sand for all kinds of construction, its pebbles for ricochets, its dead wood for cabins ... It is also a fabulous place to discover nature: observe the flights of the heron or the kingfisher, listen to the song of the oriole or the nightingale, try to catch a few little fish with a landing net ...

The gardens around the house are accessible. Very simple, they are home to a number of Mediterranean plants (lavender, thyme, oregano, sage, etc.), each more fragrant than the next: a treat to educate young and old alike. They are also home to extraordinary insects, starting with the cicada: will you be able to spot it?

Finally, for rainy days, board games, albums and comics are available in the library at the entrance and in the living room.

* The practice of these activities by children is done under the supervision and the responsibility of the adults who accompany them. Our responsibility cannot be engaged in the event of an accident.